Facts about your brain-memory-

Learn how scent, jet lag, and estrogen affect memory, plus plenty of other information, with these facts.

Jet lag. Frequent jet lag can impair your memory, probably due to the stress hormones released.
New connections. Every time you recall a memory or have a new thought, you are creating a new connection in your brain.
Create associations. Memory is formed by associations, so if you want help remembering things, create associations for yourself.
Scent and memory. Memories triggered by scent have a stronger emotional connection, therefore appear more intense than other memory triggers.
Anomia. Anomia is the technical word for tip-of-the-tongue syndrome when you can almost remember a word, but it just won’t quite come to you.

Sleep. While you sleep at night may be the best time for your brain to consolidate all your memories from the day.
No sleep. It goes to follow…lack of sleep may actuallyhurt your ability to create new memories.
World Champion. A world champion memorizer, Ben Pridmore memorized 96 historical events in 5 minutes and memorized a single, shuffled deck of cards in 26.28 seconds.
Estrogen and memory. Estrogen (found in both men and women) has been shown to promote better memory functions.
Insulin. Insulin works to regulate blood-sugar in the body, but recently, scientists have discovered that its presence in the brain also helps promote memory.

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