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GraphSight Junior 1.0


A handy 2D math-graphing program.GraphSight Junior is an easy-to-use and handy utiliy for creating and analyzing various 2D graphs.It was originally designed to help students and teachers satisfy their day-after-day math plotting needs. It makes it easy to plot and explore common Y(X) = F(X) Cartesian graphs, set text labels on the coordinate plane, zoom or shift a graph with just a single click & move of mouse. The resulting picture can be than exported to a file or windows clipboard as a bitmap. Originally GraphSight has come as a realization of the idea “A graph does not have to be dead!”. This is gained through the interactivity of every graph on a coordinate plane. All of them react to mouse or keyboard input, each of them have its own shortcut menu, remembers all the formulas you enter for it, can be displayed using different styles, colors and sizes and much more.

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Advanced Trigonometry Calculator Portable 1.5.5


A tool to help you with trigonometry calculations , with source code for programmers.

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Chasys Math 1.41


A calculator and a matrix equation solver.The Chasys Math was designed to be a suite of math utilities that includes a calculator featuring graph-plotting, complex numbers and visually-perfect algebraic method (Chasys Math Calculator), and a matrix equation solver that can handle systems of equations as large as 32 by 32 (Chasys Math Matrix).

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